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Therapy On the Go...

So, who might use outdoor therapy and what is it?

Well it is what it says on the tin.

It's therapy on foot.  Walking and Talking.

Sometimes when we feel 'stuck' it's good to get moving and the outdoors often stimulates new ideas and releases tension.

It's a nice informal way to step into therapy.

Maybe the thought of a one-to-one sat face to face in a therapy room feels just too intense?

For some, the outdoors offers space, freedom, and a few brownie points for a little light exercise.  For others, it may be a break from the same four walls, be that work or home.

Hi, I'm Amanda Ridyard. Although I work as a private counsellor in central Bolton, I also like to 'think outside the box' and therefore decided to offer a walking and talking option, which works for males, females, couples, individuals, and adolescents .  Outdoor therapy can be useful for challenging other issues such as facing or feeling comfortable in social situations.  Maybe you have a fear of open spaces or meeting strangers, or feeling confined in a therapy room with someone you don't know.  

Even sitting in the car in a peaceful place can be ideal for some clients.

Others use the session as a time to 'go out and walk' also could be considered as Me Time which is very relevant to well-being and promoting self-care and self-discipline - all things that are good for our own well-being.

As explained, there is no actual need to have your therapist at your side during these walks.

You can pop on your electronic device, ear-pods and mic, or traditional headset, and away you go!

In our modern day - nobody ever questions passing someone who is chatting away as it has become 'the norm'.

These walking sessions are a great way to have external space to process new thoughts and feelings and at the same time not feel enclosed or trapped in a confined space with powerful emotions.

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