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About Me

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So - let me tell you a little about me.  I'm Bolton based and very down to earth.

Life has taught me many things, some were pleasant - others  Not so pleasant; but all-in-all every situation gave me an opportunity to learn something about life, myself, and usually someone else.   

Life in itself teaches us all sorts of lessons - and I speak from experience to say the least..

But over many years I have leaned the importance of being honest with myself - about being truthful and owning my likes, dislikes, dreams, fears and desires.  And that took some time, but that's okay.

Throughout life there will always be situations or grievances that impact us in some way - and that's where I think I can help. I'm not a problem solver, nor a miracle fixer - No magic wand here (sorry). But I am honest, patient and kind. I offer compassion and warmth, and I'm willing to walk by your side during our verbal journey of discovery. 

Good results from therapy are often the result of simply listening or talking or just having a space for yourself for personal growth and re-grounding yourself.   To simply sit, and just 'be'. 


To be able to sit with you and invite you to tell me who you are and what brought you here and to hopefully offer you a small space to share your story and feel relevant and heard. 








  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Bereavement & Loss

  • Relationship 

  • Life's Struggles

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 

  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • College/Graduate School Issues

  • Stress

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Self-Harm 

  • Recidivism 

alone on bench.jpgAmanda Ridyard Bolton

Relevant Qualifications & Certificates:

2023   Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Level 3

2023   Safeguarding Children Level 3

2022-3 Yr 1 of Level 7 CBT (PGDip)

2021   BACP accreditation

2019   Adv MSc in Counselling & Psychotherapy

2018   Mindfulness (Level 1)

2018   IAPT Counselling Couples for Depression.

2017   BA (Hons) Humanistic & Integrative                         Counselling.

2016   ASIST Suicide Interruption training. 

2016   Diploma - Counselling.

2015   Papyrus. Prevention of Young Suicide Training.

2015   Diploma - Counselling Children & Adolescents.

2014   Counselling Skills. Level 3. 

2014   NCFE Mental Health awareness levels 1+2.

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