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My Approach

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I wonder what has brought you here?  

Curiosity is a valid and relevant part of therapy.  Having seen many clients I always forewarn my clients that Counselling is not the easy option, and nor it should be. 

Do I believe it's the best option - Yes, absolutely.

As a therapist my approach - like my personality - is warm, genuine, and welcoming.   True to the humanistic values i likewise believe there is goodness in everyone - and sometimes the only way for some clients to cope with life has been to get angry and 'act out' or withdraw.  Some resort to substance misuse which ca exacerbate mental health problems. 


Different situations require different approaches - and as a professional therapist it is important that each client feels understood and heard, and their therapy tailored personally to their situation and 'way of being'.  An example of difference may involve age, belief system, cultural diversity, mental capacity and so on.   

Generally, counselling sessions are 45-50 minutes in length.  You are invited to explain your issue or situation and from there we will explore various features (in accordance with your requirements) such as a timeline of events and key features from your life story and how you have been impacted - and where you go from here.

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