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Perhaps you and your partner are arguing about the silliest things and these rows quickly escalate into something hostile or unpleasant.

Or your relationship simply feels stale, and if the two of you were not so busy leading separate lives you'd feel you might just die of absolute boredom.

Sometimes there is a big issue - such as money, sex, infidelity, extended family or children.

Beginning any form of counselling is daunting. You are being invited to express your inner most fears and feelings. It is understandable that this can feeling frightening and challenging.  This fear passes - and is often replaced with honest confidence and a feeling of empowerment.


There is the added fear that the truth will upset or hurt your partner and make a bad situation even worse or awaken long dormant sibling rivalry issues, wondering who will be seen as 'the bad guy'.  There is no 'bad guy' this is the real world not a tv soap.  This is your life - and that is very real.


In the therapy sessions I like to hear each partner's individual perspective of the "presenting" problems.  How you met - the good parts, and up to the present day.

In later sessions we'll look at the family tree. Real life events - death, divorce, children. Similarities and differences. 


Most people leave having not only learned a lot about their partner and their relationship, but about themselves as well.

Parts of this information was extracted from the online Guardian website 21/7/18.

We can arrange just one session at a time.

The amount of sessions you choose to have is dictated by You.  Therapy is based on the client's needs, and that might change from week to week - so we work within your limits, not mine. 

Typical IAPT couple therapy would suggest 20 sessions but this is a generalisation not a requirement. 

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