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Counselling in YOUR home.   


Not everyone can manage to get into town to find a therapy center, and the reasons are many. Often people miss out on much needed mental health support due to the lack of home-based counselling provision.  There are numerous reasons why clients can't get out to experience the benefits of therapy - for example, agoraphobia, disability, severe depression. Also practical reasons such as the additional cost of taxi's to and from, making the fee potentially insurmountable. 

Whilst Bolton has a plethora of therapists, it seems to have a very limited provision of home call-out therapy - which feels unfair - and is one of the reasons i felt it important to address this issue.  

amanda ridyard Counselling at your home
Home therapy. amandaridyardcounselling B

Generally, therapy happens in a designated therapy room which offers a quiet therapeutic space. Having therapy at home is very achievable but can be compromised by your home environment such as pets, telephones, postman, neighbours, visitors.    To build a therapeutic relationship that promotes growth, indwelling and self-development - you will need to be motivated, disciplined and dedicated to your own cause.  

For some, this is a wonderful option - but it will not suit everyone.

TELEPHONE or ONLINE have proved invaluable to house-bound clients.

Actual HOME VISITS are possible - but cost a lot more at £60 per session due to additional safety costs incurred, requiring an in-car Waiting safety attendee. 

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