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Counselling. Individual Therapy with Ama

As a therapist, it is a priority to offer you a warm welcome, a safe space, where you can talk openly and confidentially. The pace will be determined by you - this isn't a race.  It is important that you as a person, a client, - feel respected and valued.   

You can bring any issue to therapy - I am hear to listen. 

I am a  BACP accredited and also IAPT  CCfD  therapist. 

The misconception about therapy is that we have 'all the answers' - No, we don't.  In truth, all the answers are within you, but maybe they can't be accessed due to stress or other emotions clouding your thoughts.   

A trained therapist listens, really listens. This is not a social gathering or an afternoon chat. Therapy is hard going - but so beneficial!  It can be life enhancing - even life changing. 

Getting to the root of the problem might take a couple of sessions, or maybe weeks - that is up to you. Therapists do not have a magic wand or a crystal ball - but they have faith in the belief that we all have the ability to heal, and there is good in all of us.   


In talking and sharing your thoughts, feelings and fears - you may gain a deeper understanding of where you are at in life, and what you need and the direction you wish to go. But often the greatest joy is in the learning of how we got here.  'What' and 'who' made us the person we are.  The quirky elements that make 'me' me, and 'you' you - these often rise to the surface from the exploration of our life script and life experiences.  

Learning to know ourselves can be a wonderful experience of growth. 

As said, the experience of therapy can feel joyous, amazing, turbulent, emotional, and healing.

i cannot tell you anything you do not know - but i can hopefully tell you what I see and hear in words that may help clarify your feelings which are lost in translation behind jumbled thoughts and broken dreams.



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